The Role of Trust In Dating And Relationships

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Trust is the most essential part in dating and relationship. A relationship without trust does not make any sense. This word is spoken and mentioned so many times but not many people actually know its meaning and importance in building a strong relation. We have faith in the person we love or date and there is no absolute doubt about it. Why play head-games with a person we trust and ruin a true relationship?

We always prefer going for a date with a person we can rely upon. In the very first moment, we try being certain of our choice of person, since we know that trust is the strong foundation of every relationship. It is a two-way lane where both the parties have firm faith in each other. Actually, trust is between couples or between two friends is established in the very first look itself. The basic truth starts unfolding with the questions and answers we ask and receive from them.

The foundation of a relationship can not be laid with the lack of faith. If someone says that trust will automatically come with time, then this means that he or she has been badly hurt in the past and wants to be more conscious this time. It will take time for the person, whose faith has been damaged, to remove the barriers and have faith in the current relationship. He or she may become unforgiving and skeptical this time to avoid being hurt again. It is common for love to happen at first sight but it takes years to build trust.

It is important to be careful and cautious while dating but to a certain point. In a relationship, faith gone means romance is gone. Love means risk and spontaneity, especially at a younger age when it is very emotional to be in love. As time passes, we become more mature and don’t want to trust people easily. We don’t want to be cheated again for the same reason and hurt ourselves. But then, you must not become so hard with time that you are not able to open up with anybody in any of your relationships.

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