Dating Tips For Women

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Do you want your guys go gaga for you? Below given are some dating tips that will ensure you that you win the odds in your dating game:

1. Being the Center of Attraction:

Research has shown that being the center of attraction, such as occupying the middle area in a room can do a great deal for you in attracting the opposite sex.

In case of a nightclub or a bar, it is always advisable to occupy the corners, since you are most likely to strike some interesting conversations in these areas. Hanging out near some wall or sitting at the table are the worst places to be at. It’s only in movies that some hot stranger will approach your table and ask you ‘May I join you?’

2. Getting the Right Color Appeal:

Wearing the right color appeal is the key of getting your dream date tempted to approach you. Some say that the best appealing color for women is pinkish peach. This color presents you as someone soft, caring, gentle, polite, and more ladylike. It can also help you appear more dynamic and sophisticated.

According to many experts, red is the color for you if you are looking for some strong men. However, since red is the color of power and sex, it can attract two kinds of men. The first, who are more than happy to get powerful women in their life and aren’t threatened at all by the fact that you are making a much bigger salary; the other kind will be those interested only in sex.

You can also judge your dream guy by the color they wear. Mostly, it is advisable to go for those wearing blue, since they are more likely to be faithful, consistent, stable, and always there for you.

3. Using a Body Language that Make Them Stumble:

The key to using a striking body language is to make yourself approachable. Avoid folding your arms or chewing ice, fingernails, or gum. These indicate frustration or anxiety, both of which are negative emotions and an immediate turn-off.

Don’t appear too superior or powerful. Listen to your partner and give him equal space to get yourself naturally accepted.